The Ecooler awakens all of our senses – with the sound of filling water, the refreshing scent of moist clay, the moist, cool feel of its surface and the appearance of accumulating drops – all these contribute to a sense of refreshing coolness and awaken natural, primeval sensations. 

The Ecooler system is constructed of basic modular units that interconnect via a designated connector.  The module is a type of narrow, three-dimensional tile made of hollow, twisting ceramic piping that can hold water.  When connecting the modules to each other, a screen is created.  The connection enables the passage of water between modules and in this way, one can fill the entire screen with water in a closed system. The system combines two traditional elements – the jara and the mashrabiya. The mashrabiya is a characteristic element of Islamic architecture, found mostly in Arab countries, including in many of the traditional homes of Cairo.  It serves as a breathing screen between the street and the inner courtyard or home and enables the passage of air and light.  The jara serves to cool the water in clay containers by water seepage and evaporation from the outer surface, as with the human body's perspiration system. By integrating both of these systems, increasing the inner surface and use of traditional materials, we have created a screen that serves as a natural, ecological cooling system.
This system has several noted advantages:

1.In contrast to other cooling methods, this one is completely silent and very conserving of energy.

2.The system takes advantage of the simple, natural phenomenon of cooling via evaporation.

3. In contrast to an electric air conditioner,  this system does not detrimentally affect the user's environment – i.e. noise, external heat (of the street) nor does it create an aesthetic eyesore of the public space; it also does not detrimentally affect the more distant environment via the increased use of energy, which results in other problems, such as pollution, overheating, etc.

4. This system provides a quiet and pleasant cooling element that corresponds to your needs:  with no focused coldness that may cause disease or muscle cramps, the air exchange is natural and without making air unpleasantly dry.

5.This system preserves air moisture, creates a calming atmosphere and adds an 
element of flowing water in the home (which has been perceived to create positive energies).  The Ecooler works on 4 of our senses – the sound of filling water, the refreshing scent of moist clay, the moist, cool touch and the appearance of accumulating drops – all these contribute to a sense of refreshing coolness and suggest 
the natural, ancient experience of a cool cave.

6.This system maintains a harmonious bond with the interior and exterior, and creates a breathing screen between man and his environment, and not a disconnected, sealed bubble.

The Ecooler system is ideal in dry regions and can be implemented within the home 
or in an external area that joins to the interior, such as a terrace or a deck.  It can be used in both private and public spaces and creates a sense of refreshing oasis.  The cooling performance of the system will improve when wind blows through the screen 
and therefore it is recommended to install it in an open space or next to a fan.  When many systems are installed, a general environmental improvement will result, as the city itself will become a breathing and well-ventilated region.


The Ecooler's point of departure is the aspiration to create an equality and mutual influence between developing countries and first-world countries.  The system takes its inspiration from the ancient cooling methods and architectural elements found to this day in developing countries, and is perfectly suited to both developing and first-world countries.  The improvement of quality of life takes place immediately by providing a more pleasant and healthier cooling alternative; its long term improvement lies in the change in relationship between man and his surroundings and the creating of a harmonious, considerate and more responsible bond.  The Ecooler user's approach towards those around him is one of modesty and sensitivity.  We feel sure that in this case, the improvement in man's quality of life will also instigate an improvement in the quality of our environment.

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